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The software engineer lead that can drive team with new business development.
Programming Languages:

C/C++, Java/Scala, Ruby/Python, Javascript/Typescript, swift/kotlin, UNIX shell script, C#/VB
Development Tools/Middlewares:

Xcode/IntelliJ/VisualStudio, Git/Subversion/VSS, Sbt/Maven/Gradle, CppUnit/JUnit/Specs2/RSpec, Jenkins/TravisCI/CircleCI/GithubActions, MySQL/SQLServer/Oracle, memcached/redis, AWS/Azure/IBMCloud, Docker/Kubernetes, playframework/akka/chalice/spring boot, React/Angular/Vue
Specialized in
  • Construct Infrastructures by various Cloud vendor,
  • Develop Mobile Game by cocos2d-x,
  • Develop Web API by Scala(Playframework/Akka).
Tech Lead
SoftBank Corp.(PayPay)

I'm managing the team that is developping the system for merchant. Mainly spring boot, sometimes script like Python. These applications are running ON k8s cluster. Current main works are the team management and architecture design. Before be a tech lead, developped akka system for applying campaign.

June. 2019 to Present
Product Manager
SoftBank Corp.(DiDi Mobility Japan)

Lead of QA engineering for hardware device.(Between android and bluetooth) Organize requirement and support up to production.

January. 2019 to May. 2019
Senior Consultant
IBM Japan, Ltd.

I conducted project management support mainly in the manufacturing industry. And proposed a system using blockchain.

November. 2017 to December. 2018
Producer - Engineer
JapanTaxi Co.,Ltd.

I lead a large-scale replacement of dispatch applications. Existing application is written by VB, I replaced new architecture to RoR and C# on Azure. I am familiar with multi-system collaboration at taxi company. And started the advertice system in taxi, developed android application.

August. 2015 to October. 2017
Geisha Tokyo Entertainment Inc.

I joined to a new mobile game project from the beginning, then, lead the project until production rollout as backend lead developer. The application was comprised from Android/iOS application and backend API written in Scala/Playframework running on AWS/EC2.

July. 2010 to July. 2015
Accenture Japan Ltd.

I developed and operated a system of apparel company and life insurance company.

October. 2007 to June. 2010
Denso Create Inc.

I did car navigation development, tool development, framework development.

April. 2005 to September. 2007
Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science/Reinforcement Learning
Gifu University, Japan
March. 2005